About Us

I clearly remember the breezy afternoon when I went for a date with my man. Husband for more than 20 years, he appreciated the ups and downs which life has offered and offering. Seeing the young crowd through the glass of my clear wine, we discussed the excitement of our girls entering their twenties. We were never parents for them, we believe in being friends. From bloomers to bikinis we have raised our darlings like blooming flowers. The air around me kissed on my right cheek, oh! it was him again. Romance and love is abundant in our lives. Touch wood! On my mobile screen I saw someone wished Happy 44th Birthday! And I was born again to spread the magic, to spread the love and to spread the much needed hugs. AT 44, I don't need colors to define my life, I am a spectrum of light. Let's brighten the darkness and embrace the extremes. ​ Celebrate the story of black and white to feel the old school romance with contemporary spices. 'AT 44' enhances newly old and the oldly new. Presenting our wide range of apparel, footwear, bags and stationery dipped in whites and blacks.